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“Bring your Pilates Studio where ever you go”

Feel Pilates Online Studio are are the video clips of workouts held in our studios at Vracar and Dorcol. Now you can practice atyour home by following the instructions. On the sign-in page after registration and paid monthly membership, you can find videos of whole one-hour workouts, tutorials that focus on proper body posture and precise movements, and recordings of relaxation and stretching exercises.

There are three types of training available, PILATES, BARRE and REMODEL, each with its own specificities and special impact on muscles and body.


Pilates on the Mat is a workout that focuses on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles, the so-called CORE, spine mobility, full-body flexibility, and is performed continuously, with FLOW.



Barre’s class is divided into two parts. The first 30 minutes of practice with the ballet bar in a standing position. The exercises are inspired by ballet movements with the necessary modifications adapted to the practitioners of average physical fitness. Hip movements, (abductions, adductions, extensions, rotations,) squats and lunges are represented. One segment of the class is dedicated to arm exercises. The second part of the class is practiced on the MAT, where the emphasis is on the abdominal muscles.

EQUIPMENT: Mat, 1kg hand towels

REMODEL by Katarina Kuljaca

Originally created at FEEL Pilates Studio after years of Pilates experience. The program answers the question: “What happens when you add weight and faster movements to Pilates exercises “

This is an intense, aerobic and fluent class. The exercises are dynamic and run in multiple plans. Emphasis is on rotations, extensions, lateral flexions of the torso as well as hip movements with load.

The goal is to shape the whole body with strong CORE.

EQUIPMENT: Mat, 1kg arm weights, 0.5kg and 1kg ankle weights

OPTION: heat the room where you exercise at 25 – 28 degrees C